....you are invited to attend a special VIP class


This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to come along to a Flair Gym Club and see the sport first hand, make new friends and have a heap of FUN learning new things.

We have an ACTION PACKED VIP class planned!


Your child should be of a similar age to the friend who invited them. This is to help classes be age specific.

4yrs is the minimum age for all VIP classes.

Fun, high energy, exciting, fast paced

Your child's chance to learn some

super-cool skills at a 'Flair VIP Class'

Taught by our team of coaching EXPERTS.

Q: Where is the VIP class taking place?

A: We currently have 2 venues. Your child's friend who has invited them to the VIP class will let you know the club name and location. Then, complete the registration form for the correct club. The registration process will detail the full address and postcode and will also send you a confirmation ticket with the full address and directions map too.

Q: What date is the VIP class? 

A: This will depend on which club (venue) that you are attending. Dates for all VIP classes at all venues, please check out our club calendar HERE.  

Q: What time is the VIP class? 

A: This will be at the same class time that the friend who invited your child attends each week. So, please ask the friends parents for their regular class start and finish time as this will be your VIP class time slot.

Q: Is there a minimum age for the VIP class? 

A: Your child should be of a similar age to the friend who invited them. This is to help classes be age specific. 4yrs is the minimum age for all VIP classes.

Q: What happens at a VIP class and do you cater for all levels of ability?

A: The class runs as a regular coaching session and VIP guests join their friend who invited them along in either a gymnastics, trampolining or freestyle group lesson.

Your budding young gymnast will have a warm-up and stretch, floor work (gymnastics & freestyle) and some apparatus work too. For the Trampolinists there is lots of time bouncing and learning new skills from the basics through to somersaults for those at the correct level. We cater for all levels of ability from complete beginner through to advanced gymnast so your child will always be working at the correct rate that is right for them.

Q: What is the price of the VIP class ?

A: It's FREE, no charge! Since not much is free these days, we have made our termly VIP (bring a friend) classes FREE OF CHARGE to give more children the opportunity to try-out the awesome sports of gymnastics, trampolining and freestyle. 

Q: Can I stay and watch the VIP class?

A: We'd love to meet you and you are most welcome to stay and watch the class, so long as the club that you are attending has a viewing balcony. Spectrum offers a viewing balcony. Equally, if you'd like to drop and dash, thats no problem either, we will ask for your contact mobile (during the online registration process) if we need to reach you during the class. Go grab a coffee or hit the shops, BUT, don't forget to come and pick up your budding young gymnast at home time!

Q: What should my child wear to the VIP class?

A: Any of the following can be worn to class. T-shirt, shorts, leotard, leggings, tracksuit.

Bare feet for Gymnastics and SOCKS for trampolining.


Q: What should my child bring to the VIP class?

A: Please bring with you:

  • Drinking water or a non-fizzy drink.
  • Healthy light snack (eg. fruit and fruit bar)
  • Clean socks to wear on the trampolines.
  • Any medication needed (eg. Asthma pump).
  • Bags of energy.

Q: Can we just turn up to a VIP class?

A: So long as you have completed your online VIP registration form first. For obvious safety reasons we are unable to accept any VIP'ers that have not completed, in advance, a registration form.

Q: Do you hold insurance and are the staff DBS (CRB) police checked?

A: As a professional and responsible company we operate strict and very thorough safety measures at our club and events including full insurance and DBS checks for all staff, you can read more about our safety measures here.


Your child should be of a similar age to the friend who invited them.

This is to help classes be age specific.

4yrs is the minimum age for all VIP classes.


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